Expert Business Plan & Grant Proposal Development

Our team is passionate in working with our clients to develop strategies for start-up businesses and also companies seeking opportunities for sustained growth.




We do the research and brainstorming necessary to provide you with strategic recommendations to set your business on a path to success.










We interview the principles of the business to obtain an overall vision of current status, challenges, and overall goals.


Our team researches the industry statistics and growth indicators, also competition and marketing placement sources.


We analyze the current business financials and/or develop spreadsheets of expected start-up expenses, annual costs, and estimated revenue projections.

The information is passed to a professional business writer within our team to prepare your final business plan. This is the beginning step to your success!






Sample Pages 


business plan sample page-1
business plan sample page-2.jpg
Meeting Your Requirements


On average, the written portion of business plans and grant proposals will amount to 16-30 pages. However, some plans can extend to 40+ pages, depending on the complexity of the business model. Often the higher the capital requirements, the plan will be more elaborate to qualify and prove business concept and expectation of success. Once the plan is written and submitted, the client will be given the opportunity to request edits if necessary. The plan is kept tight and concise so the potential investor will stay engaged and interested throughout the entire plan.